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Caviar Limes (Australian Finger Limes)

Caviar limes 3

My friend Lauren was visiting over the 4th of July weekend and brought me a bag of these exotic limes. She is part of the team at Good Land Organics™ which is located in the hills of Goleta, California, two miles from the Pacific Coast.  This certified organic land is called Condor Ridge Ranch, and is a unique ecosystem, unlike almost any other in the area, that allows them to grow a diversity of exotic sub-tropical crops.  The soil is a rich clay loam free of chemical pesticides. The winters are mild and typically frost-free, while the mild summer days start with foggy mornings.  These climate patterns contribute to their ability to grow the specialty sub-tropical fruits others cannot. Check them out at

The Australian Finger lime has a wild look, much different from most citrus fruit, somewhat resembling a baby gherkin, up to 3 inches in length with a purplish or greenish black color. To find the “caviar”, just cut the lime in half and give it a gentle squeeze – the tiny beads just “ooze out as if erupting from a mini-volcano. Unlike the tender, tear-drop-shaped juice sacs in standard citrus, the translucent, greenish-white or pinkish vesicles in finger limes are round and firm, and pop on the tongue like caviar, releasing a flavor that combines lemon and lime with green and herbaceous notes.” (LA Times 12/23/09)  

Caviar limes 2


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How cool!

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what is that? is that a fruit or what?

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