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Anita Kass's Fruity Festive Pomegranate Guacamole

Holiday Fruit Filled Guacamole 

I first tried this exotic guacamole a couple of years ago at my good friend Robert’s Christmas party. His mother was in town that year and helped prepare some most of the incredible food on the buffet table. You can read more about his holiday preparations (and other adventures) on his blog "Jet Setting on a Dime" (click here - http://bit.ly/RTBcZW). His mother Anita is the kindest woman and has had an extraordinary life -- a true treasure and absolute delight.  We bonded at that party by sharing recipe secrets and continue to correspond to this day about favorite foods and cooking techniques. When I asked if she would tell me how to prepare her famous pomegranate guacamole, she graciously emailed me the instructions, explaining that it was a recipe from her mom´s hometown, Guanajuato. I’ve taken the liberty to list some precise measurements, but in full disclosure, Anita sent the list of ingredients and just put “to taste” after each item (she wrote, “No real amounts, but you are an excellent cook and I am sure you can eyeball it perfectly”.) The addition of fruit in this version makes the dish truly unique and delicious, and the bright red pomegranate seeds not only add festive color, but also additional antioxidants. Serve your guacamole with homemade chips –known as totopos. Robert and his mother always serve homemade chips and stress the importance – “if you go to all the work of making this guacamole, don’t ruin it with store-bought chips”.

Download Anita Kass's Fruity Pomegranate Guacamole recipe


1/3 cup white onion, finely chopped

2-3 serrano chilies, finely chopped (including seeds, optional)

1 teaspoon coarse kosher salt

3-4 ripe avocados, ripe (preferably Hass)

2 -3 tablespoons fresh lime juice (optional)

3/4 cup fresh pear, peeled and diced

3/4 cup seedless green grapes, cut in half

½ cup fresh mango (or peach) peeled and diced

1/2 cup pomegranate seeds (from a ripe pomegranate)

1/4 cup pomegranate seeds (for garnish)

1 tablespoon chopped cilantro (optional, for garnish, but Anita does not use it on hers)


1. Halve avocados, remove pit, and scoop flesh into medium bowl. Mash avocado flesh lightly with onion, Serrano chilies, and salt.

2. Sprinkle avocado mixture with lime juice (if using). Gently stir in pear, grapes, mango (or peach) and pomegranate seeds. Stir to combine and transfer to serving bowl. Sprinkle top with additional pomegranate seeds. ( I mashed and served it in my authentic Molcajete which was given to me by Robert)

3. Serve with corn  chips – preferably homemade.

Holiday Fruit Filled Guacamole bowl
Holiday Fruit Filled Guacamole pomegranate

A photo of Anita's Pomegranate Guacamole with homemade yellow & blue corn “Totopos” -

Kass Guacamole1


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