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One for the Table

One of my favortite sites to visit - www.oneforthetable.com

Oneforthe table

Dedicated to the notion that one of the things that’s wrong with the world is that there aren’t enough waffles in it and everyone should sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes order “one for the table”.

It’s about elegance and simplicity.  It’s about having a philosophy about life that extends to the choice of ingredients, fresh and otherwise, (ecological within reason), the way you entertain, the placement of flowers in a vase, the careful way you sometimes scramble an egg or simply butter a piece of toast and conversely a sort of casual chaos that allows you to whip up dinner for 12, just because you suddenly look up and there are 12 people for dinner.   Amy Ephron

Filled with wonderful stories, recipes, photos, restaurant reviews and more - even a few from me!

Read about my experience at Sergio Arola's Restaurant here - http://bit.ly/chWX8d